Update installation

Youtube tutorial

Watch the YouTube tutorial to see how to use the tool and discover all options!

Tool overview

Maintenance Windows

Have full control over the installation time and date.

For example, if you only want to install updates on Mondays between 2 and 4pm you can select this in the GUI, deploy the configuration and the device will recognize the window. You can even download the updates outside the maintenance window, if you want to decrease the update installation time during the time window.

Block specific KB's

An update is causing issues on your device? With Control My Update, you have the option to block specific KB's - and of course you can unblock the update once the issues are solved.

Emergency patch installation

There is a security update that needs to be deployed as soon as possible? With Control My Update, you can select one KB and mark this KB as high important. It will install as soon as the KB was detected by the device - even outside the maintenance window!